Eagle Rock Art Guild
Our Founders
Helen Aupperle
Suzanne Fonnesbeck
Helen Hoff Aupperle
Suzanne Fonnesbeck
(1921 - 2004)

Helen, along with Fred Ochi, Suzanne Fonnesbeck, and Ina Oyler, formed the Eagle Rock Art Guild (originally the Idaho Falls Art Guild) in 1948. She was born on a ranch on Taylor Creek near Idaho Falls. She began the study of art as a child when her family moved to California. Helen received her art education at U.C.L.A, Chouinard Art Institute in Los Angeles where she studied with Hans Hofman, Alexander Archipinko, Millard Sheets and others while teaching art at Long Beach Poly High School.  She spent a year studying at the Royal Academy in Denmark and Sweden and received her Masters degree from Claremont College. She taught art at the Idaho Falls High School for 13 years. Helen is credited with establishing and maintaining high standards in requirements for exhibitors in the group. Her top priority was no work was to be copied all or in part from other work or from published photographs. On more than one occasion paintings were removed if they were suspect of being copied. Helen worked in pastel and oil, subjects ranging from landscapes, still life, to Native American figures. She and her husband Don built an A-frame home on Park Road where they lived until her death.

Suzanne was born in Maple Shade, New Jersey to French parents. She and the family move d to France when she was six years old. She attended the Ecole d' Arte in Paris and worked as a fashion illustrator and commercial artist. When the German army invaded France in World War TI, Suzanne and her sister joined the underground as couriers. After the war, she came to Idaho Falls and worked in a local department store until she married Tillman Fonnesbeck in 1947. Her illustrations were frequently used by the Bon Marche in their newspaper advertising. In 1948 at the urging of Helen Aupperle, she joined the new art group, and became the first President of the Idaho Falls Art Guild.  Until 1998, Suzanne was part of Marilyn Hansen's figure drawing group for weekly paint sessions. When she retired, Suzanne lived with one of her daughters.

Ina Oyler
Fred Ochii
Ina Oyler
(1923 - )
Fred Ochi

Ina was born on a farm near Idaho Falls and attended schools in Milo and Ammon.  She studied art at Idaho State and U.S.A.C. in Logan, Utah. She attended workshops in the Stanley Basin with art professors from the University of Idaho. Ina spent summer months in Jackson, Wyoming studying with Conrad Schwiering.  She taught school for a few years during the 1940's.  An oil painter most known for her Teton Mountain paintings, she has also painted in pastels and watercolor. Ina taught adult art workshops in the region for many years, primarily outdoor landscape painting.  She and her husband Bob, have traveled extensively and for the past several years, spend winter months in New Mexico.


Fred was born in Watsonville, California and spent some years studying in Japan. He attended high school in Redwood City, California and college at the California College of Arts and Crafts. He also studied with Dong Kingman. He was chief display artist for fifteen years with Fox Theaters. The Ford Foundation named him as one of the top ten watercolorists in the country and featured him in the Ford Times magazine. Fred was a well known local sign painter all of his life, first in a tiny second floor workshop on Park Avenue in downtown Idaho Falls.  Later, after his business was established, he built Fred's Sign Shop on Cliff Street. Fred is known regionally for his unique style of watercolor painting. He was an avid outdoor painter, frequently seen along the roads painting barns and other local scenes. Fred was a strong supporter of the Guild and past President, commonly painting with the group at every session. Fred was dynamic, enthusiastic about life, his art, and his family.